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ATM alarm systems

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In the last time, through the mass media we are known to attack the ATM in a sophisticated and daring, they use modern mechanical means to drill, chisel, wheezing heat ... in the region of ATM containing cash. And to protect and prevent these types of attacks on ATMs and force enable monitoring, security detected and prevented in time, our company has research and collaboration with reputable partners many years of experience in the security system in the world to offer a comprehensive solution for ATM security system.


System components:

1. Black Box: The brain centers, signal processing and control systems;
2. Alarm directly at ATMs:
· Whistle howling alarm;
· Light alarm;
3. The control software:

· Protection Matrix ATM Software: Data Integration Software to automatically display live video at setpoint ATMs are under attack in conjunction with the relevant data on the screen as matrix
· ATM Protection Software Server Core Notification Contains ATM module is integrated in ATM Protection Server (version upgrade of ATM Transaction Query Server) allows centralized data warns attack on the entire network; control the ATM screen Protection Matrix; warnings through communication tools (send SMS, email, ...);
· ATM Protection Software Query: Allow lookup information included videos of attacks; allows developers to profile attacks; to turn on / off the warning system scheduler; manage scheduling on / off, ...
4. GSM Modem: Modem allows to work with the telecommunications network via the SIM;

The mission of the alarm system:
· Automatic alarm monitoring center in the image, directly at the ATM when detecting the vandalism to the ATM:
o Use of high-energy sources for drilling, cutting ATMs;

o Drilling opaque, smashed ATMs;

o Lay, reliable ATM;

o Relocation of ATM;

o burning, broiling ATMs;

o Power Cut ATM;

· Automatically detects video images and supporting data (phone number police officers in charge of the area, ...) to display alarm; Provide tools for checking incidents of attack.