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ATM Surveilance & Query Solutions

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Currently the ATM surveillance has become imperative for most banks, the installation of an ATM surveillance camera system enables the Bank to observe all the activities taking place in the chamber ATM. In particular camera system will do the following tasks:

- Monitor customer transactions

- Monitoring ATM security

However, according to our survey in several Bank units currently use the solution Camra single analog or IP cameras will be very difficult and takes much time and effort if you want to replay transaction a customer should complain transactions at ATMs. The investigation past the image was very difficult to extract images documenting evidence to give customers even more difficult.

Issues facing the Bank, our company has launched a comprehensive solution enables the bank tellers simplify the view and extract images of customer transactions at ATMs with just a few simple business operations.

          - Staff of the Bank of use of the software interface Transaction Query Client to enter the credit card information need checking. This information is transferred to the server.
- The handling of requirements verification is entirely done at the server via Server Central Server.
- System server software verification transaction (Transaction Query Server) to connect to the ATM database to lookup the necessary information about the transaction and sent to the client.
- When requested investigation, and officials of the department to use the card Transaction Query Client software for verification.
Can search the video image associated with the information about ATM as:
· ATM Transactions
· Number Card - ID Card
· Placement ATM - ATM ID
  When you find the image may be obtained for comparison of the test.