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Branch surveillance solution

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To meet the demand for monitoring branch-room deals, guaranteed security work, safety of the entire branch network. Our company has launched CCTV solutions and transaction verification technology based IP camera system combines intelligent recording software.

The solution helps:

- Leveraging the LAN system / Wan Chi nhanh- availability of transaction.

- Saves the investment costs of new storage equipment: Due to flexible reuse of PC save images at the branch.

- Not investing in storage solutions focusing large and expensive SAN solution.

- Saves HR: The system should have the ability to focus on reducing the demand for service personnel investigation, and control at a branch.

- Allows unit transaction separate checking cameras in parts transaction without affecting the image data of another transaction.

- Cost savings resolve complaints safety systems, less errors and did not take pictures to help curb the cost of having to resolve the complaint issues.

- The solution has centralized model, in which the camera is mounted at branches - transaction but allows display, focus on checking through LAN-WAN system of branches.

- Solutions to meet the decentralized management capabilities to ensure the security of the entire system.

- The solution must serve many different purposes, such as multi-layered security monitoring, serving Investigation of complaints and audits remote serve ... serve many objects used as part DVKH, security department ...

Camera for branch: Camera for branch will connect to the computer to save the image in Branch via LAN-WAN.

Photo Storage System: Install the driver software and image storage. Can install up to 26 cameras / servers.

The system allows:

· Focus of status information and events related to the camera serve to ensure the system works;

· Provide authorization mechanism focuses on the image of the camera;

Systems Application: Installed on the PC or laptop users, so you can see / verification or monitoring image on the big screen.