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ATM alarm systems

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In the last time, through the mass media we are known to attack the ATM in a sophisticated and daring, they use modern mechanical means to drill, chisel, wheezing heat ... in the region of ATM containing cash. And to protect and prevent these types of attacks on ATMs and force enable monitoring, security detected and prevented in time, our company has research and collaboration with reputable partners many years of experience in the security system in the world to offer a comprehensive solution for ATM security system.

Branch surveillance solution

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To meet the demand for monitoring branch-room deals, guaranteed security work, safety of the entire branch network. Our company has launched CCTV solutions and transaction verification technology based IP camera system combines intelligent recording software.

Solution Building Management System

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In recent years, many of the buildings being built in Vietnam to meet the evolving needs of society. The cost-effectiveness of management activities, energy, time, people, safety, communication and operational maintenance of this building is an urgent need of all the investors as well as people living in it. 

ATM Surveilance & Query Solutions

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Currently the ATM surveillance has become imperative for most banks, the installation of an ATM surveillance camera system enables the Bank to observe all the activities taking place in the chamber ATM